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Day sleep all gone wrong! Lock Rss

My daughter is now 13 weeks and in the begining was on a nice 4 hourly routine. She dropped the 10pm feed really early and has slowly been going longer in the night. It's now usually 10-12 hours with the odd exception. She goes to bed at night generally straight away and we don't hear a peep 'till morning. She has always gone off to sleep by herself but does use a dummy (generally once it comes out it's not a problem if she is asleep enough). But the day time is all gone wrong. She now seems to want feeding every three hours (2 hourly on one or two days recently) which I thought may have been a growth spurt (been near two weeks now), and she will only cat nap all day now too. I think she has had a longer sleep (2-3hours) on 2 or 3 out of the last 10 or more days. I can't "resettle" her cos she is happy as larry once she wakes up and has no interest in going back to sleep. I have left her in her cot to see if she will but after 30 mins or so she starts getting cranky (smiles at me as soon as I go in there).

Am I just going to have to accept that she is no longer going to sleep longer? Will I have to work around a three hour routine and keep her awake for 2 of those three? I feel like I can't tell when she's tired anymore and her "feeds" and "sleeps" throw the whole "feed/play/sleep" thing out the window, especially if she only stays awake for an hour or so.

She has so far today had maybe three little naps since 5 am and her usual bedtime is 6pm after a bath then feed is the last thing before bed. She last woke at 2:45pm (having fed at 1:30 and in bed at 2pm). She wouldn't go to sleep at 4pm and scremed untill I fed her. It's now nearly 5pm and she would normally have a bath but she is going to be way over tired.

P.S. She has never fallen asleep at the breast and been put to bed.

She is driving me mad today.
Don’t worry we all have those days!

Following a feed/play/ sleep routine does not mean that you have to feed baby as soon as they wake, especially if you have only fed baby 2 hours ago, this is demand feeding and as you say you may now be confusing hunger signs with tired signs.
The idea of feed/ play/ sleep is to feed baby when they are pretty much due, play with baby, watch for tired signs and then knowing confidently that baby is not hungry you can act on these tired signs and settle baby awake into the cot.

I hope this helps.
Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

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