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2yo sleeping pattern gone out of wack Lock Rss

my daughther used to be so good at sleeping threw the nite now she wont.

first of all i normally give her a sleep during the day often she can sleep up to 3 hrs during the day.

laterley she hasnt been wanting to sleep during the day but come 2pm she get that grumpy and so hard to manage because she is tired, so i send her to bed.

then she will often wake up at 5pm

by 9pm dad gets cranky with the kids and wants then in bed

come 2am in the morning she is wide awake.

I always put her back to bed,and always start's
to scream out waking her baby brother up, all because she isnt tired.

i tried leaving her bedroom door open but i then find her trying to feed the cats and makes a mess of it, puts things in the toilet, and carries and chases the cats around all nite.

she used to be such a good sleeper but now it's a nitemare.

how can i get a routine back? how long should she be sleeping? etc.

Also if i wake her up before she needs to i have a grumpy kids the rest of the day or nite,so i just let her sleep as long as she needs.

Any help would be great
At this age routine will begin to change and soon she may not want a sleep at all one day but need it the next until she no longer requires a day nap at all.

Following tired signs is your best way of telling and acting on them as soon as they are displayed.
I would try to encourage when you see these tired signs no a battle but rather some quiet time even if it is a very low key video in a darkened lounge room.

Don’t let her sleep until 5 pm if she has fallen asleep at 2pm wake her up at 3.30
And set a strict routine of dinner bath 2 stories and bed as soon a tired signs are shown,.

I hope this helps
Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

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