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11month old - not enough overnight sleep? Lock Rss

Hi, I've tried everything to get my little boy to sleep longer overnight than 10 hours but he just wont....has only done so 4 times in his whole life actually. On the odd ocassion when settling techniques during the night havent worked due to teething or sickness, I've given in and given him a bottle say at around 2 or 2.30am, he's managed a total of 11.5 hours overnight so I know he can do it! But being 11 months old, he surely doesnt need feeding overnight. I've even been limiting his daytime sleep to no more than 2 or 2.5hours for nearly a month now in the hope that the extra sleep he needs will gather overnight, but that hasnt worked either. The funny thing is, if I let him sleep what he wants during the day (3 to 3.5hrs) he will still do his 10 overnight. He is a little grumble bum during the day too. Have I tried long enough to get his overnight sleep longer, or should I just accept what HE wants to do? As an experiment, today Im letting him sleep what he wants just to see what happens. Last night he wouldnt go to sleep til 8pm (after being up since 5am and only 2 hrs sleep during the day) woke at 6.30 this morning (an extra 30 mins than usual.,..woohoo!), back to bed at 9.30am and is still currently asleep just after 11.30am. (which clearly shows me he didnt get enough overnight sleep). His normal bedtime is 7pm but the usual waking at 5am is driving us all nuts. What can we do to get him to sleep longer at night apart from giving him a later bedtime at night of around 8pm which will give him a wake up time of 6ish? Would a dream feed at 10pm be of any use? On doctors advice, he's been on cows milk for a month now also which I assume shouldnt make any difference.

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10 hours isn't too bad. Ideally 7pm to 7 am would be great but sometimes we have to accept that not all is perfect in the world.

You are right a baby should be able to go through the night without feeding so I wouldn't be offering a feed at 2 or 3am.

Rather than a dream or rollover feed I would let him go and not encourage waking him at 10pm, instead I would be inclined to say to you give him a bottle at 5am (no earlier) and try to get another couple of hours out of him, that would also push his morning nap forward to more of a late morning nap as well.

See how you go.
Cheers Maree

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