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Hi, My 2 and a half yo boy has taken to waking every morning between 4.45am - 5.15am and runs screaming down the hall to our room. He's fine once there. He rarely has a daytime nap anymore (unless we're in the car & crashes out immediately) and is in bed between 6.30pm - 7pm as he's so tired he actually asks for bedtime! I've tried putting him in 6.30pm and I've tried 7.20pm but he's still up at that early hour and very tired by evening - what can I do? Nothing has changed; blinds keep his room dark, no noise, etc - I think it's just a habit and now he can't sleep later than 5.15am. He was starting to sleep till after 6am till he realised he could open his door & run out so now it's 4.45am - 5.15am - VERY EARLY! But also that he's so tired at evening and therefore grumpy. Please help, thanks, Jodie.

Jodie, QLD & 2 gorgeous boys!

Hi Jodie,
Unfortunely some toddlers are just early risers.
Sometimes it's not worth the battle at that hour to try to get them back to sleep - you might just have to enoy the cuddle company!
Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

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