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8 month old starting to wake during the night Lock Rss

Hi, my baby girl has slept through since she was 5 weeks old. She hasn't been wrapped at all since then, and she doesn't go to sleep with a dummy (we use controlled crying and she's usually asleep within 5 minutes or so). But in the last 6 weeks or so this has stopped. She is now waking every 3 hours for feeds. I've been told by the midwife that this can be due to teething? Is there any way I can encourage her to sleep through again? Should I try controlled crying to get her to go back to sleep, or are the extra feeds normal during teething? Most of the other mums in my mothers group are going through the same thing, please help us!

Briony, Caroline Springs, 8 month girl

At 8 months babies experience separation anxiety where they feel anxious if mum is not around.

If you get into bad habits at this stage it will make it difficult to change later.

With teething I suggest you make baby comfortable, if she has pain you can use a teething gel and a bit of baby paracetamol if necessary.

I would suggest that you use some controlled comforting techniques so long as there is no fever present.

Cheers Maree

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