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Twins sleeping routine Lock Rss

I have 5 weeks old twin girls and what I'm wanting to know is, at night they are only waking up for one feed. One will wake up screaming for a feed while the other may still be a sleep, should I wake the sleeping one aswell to feed both at the same time. I do get them both up for a feed during the day at the same time and put them to bed at the same time, but at night I feel bad waking the other aswell to have them both fed and back to bed quick. What would anyone suggest and what sought of sleeping routine should I be following with twins.

Thanks heaps for your help

Hi Lisa,

I can only imagine how tiring it must be having twins and I would advise you to do what works best for you, as a rested mum is a happy mum.

If waking the other means you are only up once then stick with it.

A feed/play/sleep routine works best for any baby.

Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

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