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I was wondering if you could give me some pointers on settling my bub he is 2 wks old. We have difficulties putting him to bed. I have heard of the sleep, feed, play routine I tried this but i found that play b4 sleep tends to keep him up (even if it is just cuddles or a nappy change or kisses) so i tend to feed b4 sleep it makes him drowsy and i can usually put him down b4 he is completely asleep so he can settle himself 2 sleep. IS THIS A BAD THING? Also when he gets put down I leave the room if he wont settle i let him cry a little ( never any longer than 5mins or so) the only thing that calms him back down is more bottle and a burp, but I am worried he eats tooo much is that possible 4 them to eat to much? Should we just continue with what we are doing or r we setting bad habits early that will cause dramas later. I really can't complain too much he usually sleeps anywhere from 2-4 1/2 hrs during the day and at night from midnight through till at least 5. we've even had a 11.30 till 7.30 out of him allready but not b4 being up 4 3-4hrs prior that evening and 2 120ml bottles. Feedback would b much appreciated.
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Following a feed /play /sleep routine is about feeding baby when they wake (or close to his feed time), playing and then watching for tired signs so that when baby shows tired signs you can settle him to sleep straight away into his cot, rather than feeding a hungry and tired baby who will most likely fall asleep during the feed. This way you also learn what are hunger cries and what are tired cries.

When settling baby we stay with baby always and pat bub when he cries and stop patting when he stops crying and take hands off slightly, this ensures baby falls asleep independently and not patted off to sleep These are good habits and a good routine to try to establish.

I would let baby feed as much as he needs to, but ensure that baby is hungry and not just comfort sucking to get off to sleep, a feed play sleep routine will help you to do this.

Cheers Maree

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