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Toddler won't sleep without me Lock Rss

Hi, my 2yr old boy won't sleep by himself whether in his own bed or with me. He cries when i leave the room, so i stay with him till he go's to sleep but then he will wake up 1 or 2 hrs later and we start all over again. Lately i have been letting him sleep with me, which i'm not happy about, but need my sleep as well. I think it may have started around the time he started preschool but don't know if it's related.
Would love to hear from anyone with some advice.
Your son simply does not know how to sleep without you and if you want him to sleep independently then you must be the teacher.

When a baby or toddler falls alseep with you and when they wake on their light sleep (as we all do) and you are not their he does not know how to return to sleep without your comfort.

To teach a toddler to sleep independently is not an easy job and their will be lots of tears involved but he needs to fall asleep on his own so when he wakes he is able to put himself back to sleep.

At 2 it will be a matter of creating a regular routine of dinner bath a story and bed and goodnight lights out. After that it will be a matter of just putting him back quickly and quietly every time until he learns the new routine.

Best of luck
Cheers Maree

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