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My 4 month old son is rolling over onto his stomach in his cradle and sleeps like this. I do not know how to stop it. I did go out and buy the Sassy Back Sleeper with head positioning wedge for birth to 6 months (it contains two wedges that you place on both sides of the baby), at the baby shop they said this would work to keep the baby in between the two pillows and that he would not roll on his side and then onto his stomach. But he insists on getting out of this and rolling onto his stomach. I know there is the yellow pillow rolls that are bigger that can be placed besides the baby and until older. But are these pillows safe to use in cot.
I am so scared of SIDS with him rolling over on his stomach and in a cradle he does it cradle is bigger than normal ones, so what will he do in a cot once I transfer him over.
What can I do about the rolling onto stomach when he sleeps, how can it be stopped or what can I use to stop him from rolling over.

My thoughts are the least amount of things in the cot the better and if you make up the cot as per SIDS guidelines then rolling is part of a baby developing and growing and a cot made up safely is best.

Check out the <a href="">SIDS and Kids</a> website and follow their suggestions.

Cheers Maree

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