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2 3/4 year old hates sleeping Lock Rss


My son is nearly 3 and has recently gone back to not sleeping through the night. About 5 months ago we had the problem of night terrors and went through the process of getting him to sleep back in his own room through the process of controlled crying which took a number of weeks, not days like you get told. We thought we had it down packed and sorted, he was sleeping through the night. Going down at about 8.30ish and waking up at 7.30ish the next morning, which was great. But lately he refuses to go to sleep in his room once again. He ends up sleeping on the bedroom floor in my room, just so I can get a good nights sleep since expecting No 2 in June. If he goes to sleep in his room at night, you will be guaranteed he will wake at 2ish and refuses to go to sleep back in his bed and will end up on our floor. He tells us "shadows", but we don't know how to fix that problem of them. We would really like him to go back to sleeping in his own room right through the night, cause in about 3 weeks, the new one is going to be in our room, and I don't really wont a toddler and a newborn sleeping in our room.

Hi Heather,
Firstly I would have your son checked by the doctor, to make sure there is no underlying reason for these night terrors. He understands that it’s not okay to be getting up or he’d be in your bed not on the floor, if cleared by the doctor I would continue to persist with putting him back to his bed, before the next baby arrives.
Best Wishes

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