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baby not sleeping!!! Rss

hi there maree!
i have an 8month old girl emily who used to sleep all night from when she was 5weeks old till about a month ago, now she is waking up during the night every hour!! she has only one tooth through and i think that may be part of the problem but she is also waking really hungry, and i dont really want to encourage a waking/drinking habit for her.
a month ago she managed to get her hands on a bit of plastic and chocked on it, she was taken to hospital and it still has not come out of her system, since then she wont eat any solids at all (gags on it and throws up) and consequently is really unsettled and hardly sleeps at all. I am having to fully breastfeed her at the moment since she wont eat, but im not too sure if she is getting to much out of it. i have an appointment with a pedatrician up at the hospital but that isnt for 3 weeks and i was wondering if you had any advice on what i could do to help her settle and sleep in the meantime??? i have tried everything i can think of!!!
What a trying time for you Amanda, keep up the breast feeding when she needs it, try to feed for hunger not just comfort. I think you need to work through Emily’s problem with your pediatrician first and then if your doctor is happy for you to do a settling program you can post a message for me here, or email me direct via my website and we will work on the settling techniques together later.
Best of luck

It's Time to Sleep

I've saved that website but where were you in the first 3 months - huh huh.

Em, I have to agree, you don't know what is happening until you seek the pedatricians advice. Maybe the plastic is out and all is well but until you get comfirmation, follow the med's instructions.

Please let us know how baby is doing and then I would be happy to assist with settling techniques also because I went through the exact same thing (ie sleeping at 5 weeks).

Look forward to hearing from you.

Daniella, Sydney, 15 month old

We do hope everything is going okay for Amanda and Emily. Keep in touch.

Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep


well we went to the pedatrician and to be completley honest i dont think much good has come from the visit!!

he believes that the plastic isn't involved and that she doesnt know how to swallow properly which is why she isnt sleeping or eating properly, so he has referred us to a speech and language therapist! i dont believe this is right because she has had no problem with eating solids in the past (4 big meals a day!!) and has no problem drinking breastmilk. He also recommended that i stop giving her water to drink because he believes that it takes the goodness out of breastmilk!!?? I've never heard that one before!!!!

She still isnt sleeping well, and i am still trying everything i can to settle her!! I give her a drink when i realise she is tired and put her down to bed awake so she isnt in the drinking/sleeping habit, this doesnt seem to work as she will cry and cry for over an hour sometimes which i believe is too long to leave her. i go in to her after awhile and try to calm her down but when i leave again she gets more distressed!!!

she is actually a very placid baby too during the day, only ever cries when it is bed time! i keep the room light, i have routine and nothing works!!!!

Hi Amanda,

It is possible that the swallowing of the plastic has made Emily scared to swallow and of course then the other eating and sleeping issues follow on.

I have to suggest that you follow your Doctors advice and if you are not happy seek another professional opinion. As far as the settling techniques go, just leaving a baby to cry is not what we recommend, instead we use techniques which involve lots of hands on, take a look at ‘Your Baby’s Sleep’ page and as I said last week, if your doctor is okay with you doing our settling program then you should start.

Best of luck, Maree

It's Time to Sleep

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