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My son is 7 months old and has 2 sleeps a day, both of which he has to be wrapped for. At night we put him in a sleeping bag and he goes down no problems and will sleep for about 12 hours.
I've tried doing the same during the day as i do at night but it doesn't work. My son will lay there for so long playing with his dummy (only has it for sleeping) that he gets over tired and grizzly, leaving him to cry and settle himself hasn't worked, so in the end I give up and wrap him and he'll fall asleep before I've finished wrapping him.
I'd like to stop wrapping him as he can now roll over and I'm worried he may roll onto his tummy and won't be able to get back as his arms are strapped in with the wrap (I don't do the legs).
Any suggestions will be tried.

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Hi Kristy
Do stop the wrapping. Try the techniques for 6 to 12 months. These techniques are not about just leaving a baby to cry, there is lots of hands on, and they are about teaching a baby to sleep independently and giving clear messages that it’s time to sleep. Watch for the tired signs before settling and when you first leave him in his cot, if after 10 minutes he’s still playing ‘butt in’ on his playtime and begin the techniques.

It's Time to Sleep

Thanks Maree,
I tried what you said straight away and it worked quite well for the first day and a half. Then all of a sudden we were back to square one again, so we went back to wrapping but looser and tucking the blankets in around his body and doing the 'Its time to sleep' method. Then last week he kept getting out of his wrap and moving about his cot so I took it away cold turkey and he hasn't minded. We do the same ritual during the day that we do at night, even down to his sleep suit and this seems to have worked, he goes to sleep (most times) within the first 5-10 minutes. The sleep suit will be the next thing to go, but we'll wait until winter's over first.

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Hi Kristy,

Nice to hear from you, keep up the great work, you have much to be proud of.

Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

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