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I have a 4 month old baby who catnaps throughout the day. He has been doing this for a coulpe of months.

He will usually have a 3-4 hour sleep at night.
He is just beginning to devlop a more consistent sleep routine usually having 3-4 hour sleep around 6pm and 11pm.
(two days ago he "slept through the night wit a 5 1/2 hour sleep, then 2 hours later a six hour sleep.)
But since then he has only had his two 3-4 hour sleeps at night and naps through the day.

I encourage the eat ,play sleep routine which seems to work well at night, but no matter how and where I put him to sleep during the day he will only have up to an hour. (except when sleeping on me or his dad)

Is there anything I can do to change his day sleeps, or is he just a "catnapper"

Thanx for your time

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Hi Zacsmum,
Up to 6 months you could still expect to be waking for 1 overnight feed. It sounds a bit like you may be trying many things in the hope something will work. Keep up the good work with feed /play /sleep but when it comes to sleep use the settling techniques for newborn to 6 months as shown on the sleep page, I think you will have a new baby in about 1 week.

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