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i have an 18 month old son. he has been out of his cot and in a "big boy bed" scince he was about 14mths old and has no problem sleeping in it. He has a nap during the day from about 11am till 1 pm on his lounge or in his bed no problems.
But wen its night time, he refuses to sleep. he is quite happy to go and sit on his bed, or climb out and run up and down the hallway but not sleep. this will go on until 1am sometimes. i tried laying in there with him but he won't sleep. its almost like he has WAY to much energy. i live next door to a park and we spend most of the day there. or if its a nice day we go to the beach which is about 15 minutes away. BUT he is NEVER tired at night! HELP ME!

From: SleepyMum!!
You might carefully consider his diet and what he is eating during the day and at night.

Don’t over stimulated him late in the evening. I would have a chat with my doctor about the lack of sleep You also need to be in control and make sure he is returned to bed immediately when he gets up.

He needs a regular routine of dinner, bath, very quiet play or story and lights out from then on just keep putting him back even if it takes all night.

Good luck
Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

have you tryed one of those fold out kids lounges, my dourter had the same thing and that worked she would sleep on it next to her big bed. when she go used of that it took a few munth and now and then would sleep in big bed till she was ready, I also found having the cot matress on the floor next to the bed was helpful too. It was cufert to have it close and if they fall the matress is there to stop them from herting them self, I think she found the bed big and dornting starting her on the matress on the floor got her yoset of it.

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