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I have a 5 month old daughter who has never slept well since she was born.She has silent reflux which is fairly under control at the moment, but during the day she will only sleep for 20 to 30 minutes.(occassionally 1 hour but this is very rare). I have read up about it and i realize that babies have 20 minute sleep cycles and wake up briefly before moving into the deep sleep,but once my daughter is awake it is impossible to resettle her. As soon as she opens her eyes she is smiling and ready to play! I leave her in her cot and say nigh nigh to her(usually leave her for half an hour then i give up), because she just never goes back to sleep. She doesnt do this at night time.Any suggestions?
Hi Lara
Your daughter does know how to sleep independently at night so using our settling techniques for newborn to 6 months should work well for you. It’s all hands on at this age you won’t be leaving her to cry. It will be important to watch for tired signs during the day and act on them, an overtired baby is harder to settle.

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