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My 6 month old used to sleep a good 12 hours at night with a dummy and wrapped. However, since her teething started at 4.5 months she's been waking at night. She never crys just wakes and plays in her cot until I go in and re wrapp her and pop back her dummy. She loves being wrapped and I have been told to continue until she grows out of it. The dummy has never been an issue for me as she only has it at cot time. I'd love to go back to a good night sleep but Its really hard to take away the dummy or to stop wrapping. Any ideas? By the way I have the "it's time to sleep' book and dvd on order, so I'm looking forward to seeing if there is anything different I can do with her routine to improve her night sleep.

Thanks Kez

Kerryn, SA, baby girl 20/11/03

Hi Kez
You really don’t need to wrap after 3 month. The use of a dummy is a parents choice but it can become a sleep association and it’s constant loss can make for frequent waking, Try settling with out the wrapping, leave the dummy for now and work on that after. Don’t go in straight away if she’s not crying, but after 10 minutes you will need to ‘butt in’ on her playtime and give a clear message that it’s time to sleep. I’m sure once you receive It’s Time To Sleep you will have a greater understanding of sleep associations and why some babies have trouble sleeping, in the mean time you might find the ‘sleeping troubles’ section of this website helpful.

It's Time to Sleep

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