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My son is now almost 1. He sleeps very well at night, but still wakes each night, at varied times, for his bottle.

I started to try and cut down on the amount of his bottle, but that only consistantly woke him up earlier. Very hungary and grumpy, considering i now refuse to give him more than one bottle a night.

I know the answer is probably to persever for a week, with controlled crying etc. but with a 3 yo, and a shift worker, there is no suitable time to do this.

He seems very hungary for this bottle, and he eats heaps during the day, there is no way i could increase his food intake.

Breakfast, large banana, then tub of yoghurt!

Lunch, Home made veg, then fruit and ricotta!

Dinner, Home made veg again, then custard or yoghurt.

He is always offered a bottle after each meal, of which he drinks most of.

Any help will be gratefully appreciated,


DD5, DS3, DS lost to SIDS at 6mths & DD6m

Hi Tepe,
Your son is associating sleep with his bottle. At 12 months he should be able to sleep 12 hours. You could try to offer a rollover feed at 10 pm, that is you wake him very gently offer the bottle and then make sure you settle him awake back into his cot. Then when he wakes at say 2am you know that he’s not hungry and you could try our settling techniques. The program can be hard, but you need to keep in mind that what you are doing now is disturbing for everyone also and in about a week you could all be having a wonderful nights sleep!

It's Time to Sleep

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