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Re:- Converting a toddler from two sleeps a day to one Lock Rss

We have a nearly 19 month old girl, who we are happy to say is an excellent sleeper. She generally sleeps from 7-30pm until 7-00am, and still has two sleeps a day at home (usually 10-11-30, and 3-15-4-30pm). I'm certainly not complaining! The story is a little different when she goes to creche on Wed and Fri, where it's more difficult to get sleep out of her, due to noise and interruptions etc., but they still get a couple of rest periods out of her.
Do you have any suggestions as to how and when to start converting her to just one sleep? I don't know what to look for, and I'm not even sure what to feed her (re lunch, for example), and when. Seems like a fairly easy thing, but at home she never looks like being able to stay up much later than 10-30am, so if she only slept for 2hours then, then how would I keep her up until 7-00pm? She'd be feral!!
Thanks very much! Kim, Pete and Lia

Kim and Lia Tas

Hi Kim
If Lia needs 2 sleeps a day then stick with it, it can’t always be the same when she’s at crèche. Acting on the tired signs as you are doing is perfect, before too long she will start to stay up longer in the mornings then I suggest you start to give an early lunch say around 11.30am and then about 12.00 noon you could be getting 2 or 3 hours from her. It can be difficult at first because they become overtired at dinner time making it stressful for everyone. What we don’t want is a nap to start at 4.30pm and then up till late.

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