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Molars - what a pain!!! Lock Rss

Hope I'm doing this right!

Hi Maree

When my daughter was young, I had loads of trouble with her sleeping, but successfully used a modified form of controlled crying to get her to sleep through the night. Around 11.5 months, she started waking through the night again, not just once or twice but 6 or seven times a night, often sleeping for about 4 hours and then waking every hour after.

The only reasonable explanation we can find is molars - which I can see (the top two have come through and the bottom two are on their way). The problem is, she's still waking up and is inconsolable unless bonjela is administered. (which she doesn't like either and involves getting her out of her cot)

Firstly, would molars be causing this problem?

Secondly, how can I get her to sleep through again because this has been going on for more than a month and I'm starting to get really MEAN.

Hannah (3 yrs) and Harry's (born 22/7) Mum! QLD

Children will be teething on and off until they about 3 years old. Teething can be very painful and applying the baby teething gel and sometimes a bit of baby paracetamol will help to get her through it. If you have made her comfortable and there is no fever associated with the teething, then there is no reason why you can’t use controlled comforting techniques again.

Cheers Maree

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