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a few weeks ago i moved my 3 month old into her cot after being in a basinette. since then she has become a really restless sleeper. she kicks alot and pushes herself up out of her covers and turns herself sideways in the cot. usually around 3 am i hear her kicking the wooden slats on the side of the cot. how do i get her to stay under the covers and sleep peacefully? we have airconditioning in the room set at about 23 degrees and she is in long sleeve one piece cotton pj suit and covered with a sheet and a cellular cot blanket. is she too warm or just a restless sleeper. she goes to sleep around 8pm and i give her a last feed around 9.30pm.

tired mum.
Hello I know what your talking about. I have two that do it, One is four and she did that exact thing and now my 7 month old dose it. Even as a four year old my dorter has probles getting to sleep doue to restlessness, i don't now what i can do so i now what you are going through. I tryed raping them then tucking them in that didn't work, I got the comunity nerce over to try and she was bafaled that a baby exaped her wrapping metheds. I just don't put sheets on them and just put as much or as little clothing on the as need, I found my dorter had lernt to tern and head back down the bed and puch her head under the sheets i was shocked and lucky i walked in to see her do it. I dont dare leave sheets at the bottem of the bed, just so you now. Ifyou find eny salutions i wound love to know and now you know your not the only one with that problem, i thought i was.

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She may well be a restless sleeper. If she doesn’t feel overheated when you go into her room then I can only guess that it is not how she is dressed.

Is she put to sleep wake into her cot because if she cannot sleep independently then she may be struggling to resettle herself.

Cheers Maree

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