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Sleeping with a dummy Lock Rss

Dear Maree,

My son is 2 yo now and still sleeps with a dummy. He has used the dummy from birth (it was the only way to keep him quiet). He no longer uses the dummy during the play times of the day, only sleep times. Could you tell me is this normal? I have tried not to give it to him but he will not settle without it, he also has a blanket he takes to bed, wich I don't mind but I do want to get rid of the dummy. Can you help me please?

Yes, it’s often the case that they want the dummy just to settle at night, if he’s not waking for it overnight, but you would just like to get rid of it, then you could try what I did and put a bit of salt on it a few times and tell him it tastes yuccky now so he won’t want it.

Good luck Maree

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