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Will only sleep in our bed Lock Rss

I have 5mth old twin boys - one of them has decided that he will only sleep if he is put in mum + dads bed! We don't have to be there with him. Is it time to put him in a cot? Or is there something else I should do? My husband is sick of sleeping on the couch - Please help!
I bet your husband’s sick of sleeping on the couch!

And it’s definitely time to put your bub into a cot and sleeping independently. Try our settling techniques for newborn to 6 months found on our “Your Baby’s Sleep” page, having twins will make it disturbing for the other baby, so while you get the program happening separate them, if you don’t have an extra bedroom then even if you have one in the dining room for now.

Good luck Maree

It's Time to Sleep

Reading your mail made me and my husband laugh as we also have a similar problem. We have twin girls (4half mths old) and one of them wakes at around 3/4am and I try to put her back in her cot but she usually starts grunting and waking as soon as I put her down so instead of rocking her back to sleep (which sometimes work and most times doesn't) I take her into my bed and surprise surprise she goes to sleep straight away. I figure that this is the only way I am going to get some sleep as she would otherwise wake up the other twin if I left her in her cot. Sometimes you just need to do whatever is needed at the time and I figure that it can't hurt to let her sleep with me (this way we all get some sleep). Although my husband sleeps in the spare room unlike your poor husband who sleeps on the couch. My husband has already started to move his things into the spare room. He figures that eventually me and the two girls are going to take over our bedroom. My belief is that you just need to go with the flow. Others would argue that you are creating bad habits. I say you are bonding with your babies. Maybe you should try spraying your perfume on a small teddy bear or toy and putting it near the baby when you put him down in the cot to sleep so that he thinks you are there. Sorry I couldn't be more help. Twins are a blessing. Enjoy them and good luck.
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