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16 month old having nightmares Rss

Hi my name is Shannon. I have a 16 month old daughter Shaylee. For the last month or so she has been waking up at about 11pm screaming. When I go in to settle her back down its like she doesnt know I am there. I have to keep calling her name and I even blow in her face, to get her to realize I'm there for her. After about half an hour she will adventually go back down but is very unsettled to the rest of the night. When she wakes up screaming she trys to climb out of her cot. One night I put her on the floor and she ran behind the curtain to hide. Is she having nightmares? If so how do i stop them? Because we are both very tired by the next morning.
Hi Shannon,

Before my son learnt to sleep independently he did that many times. Shaylee may well be waking with a fright when she wakes on her light sleep, how do you put her to sleep at night when she first goes down? If she is not going to sleep independently at the start this could be her problem. Write again with some more info for me.

Cheers Maree

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