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was a great sleeper but now!!! Lock Rss

Hi there, just wanting some advice, my little girl Tayla is nearly 10 mths and up until about a month ago would sleep up to 12hrs per night, she is now having about 5-6hrs solid sleep and after that is waking up nealr every hour sometimes not going back to sleep until another hour after that, she doesnt seem distressed, just is awake sometimes playing, sometimes she may cry a little, after a little while i will go in most time she is out of her blankets and in some really weird possies, so i tuck her back in give her dummy and usually turn on her mobile, sometimes this works but lately its been driving me crazy, could you pls help, im soooo tired and it seems to be getting in the way of my relationship with my partner


tayla 16/08/03

Hi Belinda,

You need to give Tayla a clear message that it’s time to sleep. If she wakes crying wait 2 minutes then use our techniques on the Huggies <a href="">Your Baby’s Sleep</a>
page, if she is awake but playing, wait 10 minutes and then ‘butt in’ on her playtime and begin the settling techniques. This may start her crying but sometimes things will seem a little worse before they get better, keep in mind what you are doing now is also very disturbing for everyone, and before long you will be back to a 12 hour sleeper!

Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

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