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Dear Maree,
My precious little boy, Bailey, is nearly 10 months old and I am still breast feeding him. He has 3 BIG meals a day, and lots of breast feeds in the day and I have recently cut out his night feed and roll over feed. But he is still waking through the night, mostly for his dummy, sometimes up to 6 times a night! He goes straight back to sleep when I put his dummy in. We have no problem at all with him going to bed, he kisses daddy and mummy goodnight and also baby Bailey in the mirror, then we don't hear a peep out him him till the next sleep cycle ( which on this cycle he usually puts himself back to sleep) but then through the night he contiually wakes, when he doesn't settle with his dummy we use the techiques in your video(which we bought from your web site).
We need help to stop him waking in the night, as I am not getting enough sleep and neither is Bailey and we are both VERY cranky, and my husband bears the brunt of us, and he is getting sick of it.
Please help!!!

Also on the video you suggest taking the dummy away when the baby has settled, which we have tried to no avail, but when Julian is asleep Rhonda leaves his dummy in, so what do we do?


Hi Sulee,

Let’s get this marriage back on track!

Dummies are not a problem for all babies and are a parent’s choice, but when they become a cause of constant waking as hard as it can be we need to get rid of this sleep association. I suggest we do away with the dummy all together and keep on with the techniques, do be careful that when you are patting that you are not patting Bailey off to sleep, as then he will look for the patting. When the crying stops, stop the patting and be sure to give a clear message that it’s time to sleep.

Good luck Maree

It's Time to Sleep

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