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Please Help my baby become a big girl! Lock Rss

Hi,first I would like to say you have been a saviour to me in the past but I need your help again! I watched your video and used the technique when my daughter was about 12 months old and It worked!!!!However she is now 2 yrs old has moved to a big bed and somehow we have shifted back to me sitting on the end of her bed until she goes to sleep.So when i walk out she can get out of bed!!! at the moment her bed time routine is brush teeth, cuddles and read a few books on her bed, lights out, oanther looooooong cuddle i put her in bed give her a kiss and I still say Its time to sleep.She carrys on a bit and trys to drag it out as long as she can, Its about 8-8.30 before shes asleep.we go to the bed at 7.30. I try to tell her to be a big girl and leave the room but she just still crys too much or gets out of bed. So can you help me again???? I am sick of sitting in there waiting for her to go to sleep when i could have that time to myself ( or be doing housework more like it!) And we would like to have another baby soon so i need her to start being a little more independent. I hope you can help!!!

Mel,QLD, 3yr old Nikita, no. 2 due october

Hi Melanie,
Glad to be of help again. I think the problem is that the good night rituals are being dragged out a bit too long. You will need to take a little more control, after her bath have the cuddles and a limited number of stories, say 2 and stick to it. Then you need to tuck her in, kiss good night and ‘it’s time to sleep’ and from then on just keep putting her back to bed. Try getting her a nice new toy, if she stays in bed she can have it, but if she gets up you’re going to take it away, and do so if you have to. You’ve both been through this before, so before long Nikita will get the old message and you can take comfort in knowing that when this is over in a week or so, life will be smooth sailing again.

Good luck Maree

It's Time to Sleep

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