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Ok this is gonna be long, I hope you dont mind! I have a 9month old son and until recently (say 3-4 weeks) He's been a breeze. Lately tho, its like he's a different child. He's always been good at putting himself to sleep with the help of a dummy. He's been sleeping in his own room which is a little room right off ours so he's not far away and he had been doing well in there, now tho he doesnt want a bar of it, he's gone totally off the dummy and opted for the scream his lungs out approach! I'm not sure whats happened but he's totally against putting himself to sleep anymore! This has been driving me insane and at first thought I would just leave him to cry it out with consistant checking and comforting. The first night it took about 15mins to get to sleep since that night its gotten longer and longer until he cried for about 45mins and I couldnt handle it anymore! He'll sleep in there during the day not too badly but now when he wakes up he cries, he used to talk to himself for a while when he woke. Also when he wakes during the night its crying and after his early morning feed sometimes he wont go back in his bed which is annoying as there is a guy who lives right next door and he can hear him when he wakes in the middle of the night or early morning! and its not just little cries or grizzles, its hard out bawling with tears and all! (I dont want the neighbor to think we just ignore him or something.) Once I pick him up he calms down then is so tired he'll fall to sleep on me, I never thought I would have problems with his sleeping and have been banging my head against the wall for weeks. I dont want him to get used to me putting him to sleep or sleeping in our bed so what can I do to put this right? I totally need some help! Thanking you in advance,
Hi Rhiannon,

Your son is probably going through 8 month separation anxiety, and you are switched on enough to know that if you start some bad habits now it will lead to a much bigger problem.

Firstly, let your neighbour know that you are going to be doing a new settling routine and it may involve a bit of extra crying for a week or so. Try our controlled comforting techniques for 6 to 12 months on ‘Your Baby’s Sleep’ page, it is more than just letting them cry, it is hands on and a clear repetitive message that it’s time to sleep. You will need to follow the routine for all sleeps and watch for the tired signs during the day and act on them before he gets over tired.

Good luck, Maree

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