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No daytime nap? Lock Rss

Hi Marie,
My 15 mth old daughter Maya has always been a great sleeper, she slept thru 10 hours a night from 7 weeks. Now she goes down at 7pm and sleeps until 7.30-8am.
She was having 2 daytime sleeps until about a mth ago when she started playing up when I put her down in the afternoon. So I dropped the am sleep and just put her down around 12.30. Some days she will sleep for over an hour, but most days she plays up, cries and screams for as long as I leave her. I generally make her stay in the cot for at least an hour at this time.
Am I fighting a losing battle? Is it really important for her to have a daytime sleep if she sleeps so well at night, or should I continue to encourage (or enforce) the afternoon rest time?

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Maya should probably still be having one good early afternoon sleep of about 2 hours at her age , but making a battle out of it when she sleeps so well at night may simply just not be worth it. Watch for tired signs during the day before trying to settle her - grumpy, yawning, or just not happy with anything that’s going, if she is obviously tired persist a bit using our settling techniques on <a href="">Your Baby’s Sleep</a> page for 6 to 12 months. If she’s not showing the tired signs then I think you are fighting a losing battle.

Good luck, Maree

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