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8 month won't sleep during the day Rss

My 8 month old son won't go down during the day for a sleep.

He sleeps a fantastic 11 hours at night but when I put him down during the day it is always a battle. He will cry and stand up in his cot.
When he finally goes down he will only sleep for 30min at the most.

I would like him in a kind of routine but not sure how many sleeps he should have and for how long he should sleep??

Some advise would be fantastic.

Tineka, Mum to Hamish 3yrs, Abby 1yr & 1due 10/04

Hi Tineka,

Your son should still be having a morning and afternoon nap of about 11/2 to 2 hours each every day, and by about one he will probably only have one good 2 to 3 hour early afternoon nap. Anything under 1 hour is just a catnap and by using our settling techniques on <a href="">Your Baby’s Sleep</a> page during the day, you could get him sleeping much longer than he is.

It's Time to Sleep

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