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Needs to be rocked to sleep but only at night... Lock Rss

Hi Maree

During the day my 6.5 mth old can be put straight into her cot and she will put herself to sleep. However, when we put her down for the night (generally b/w 7.00-8:00 pm) she will only fall asleep if we rock her in our arms. If we put her in the cot she will cry. Why can she put herself to sleep during the day but not at night and how can I teach her to do so?

Gabriella, Chiara & angel called home


The rocking at night has become a sleep association and you need to teach your daughter to sleep independently at night. By following our settling techniques on the <a href="">Your Baby’s Sleep</a> page you can teach her to do this. Good luck

Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

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