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Clingyness Lock Rss

Hi there,

Georgia has just turned 9 months old and have recently started a routine for her so she hopefully can become more settled at sleep times.

I tried the deep end approach a few weeks ago for 2 weeks and it just made Georgia clingy and so upset she would still be hiccoughing in her sleep. At first she only cried for 5 mins hen go to sleep , but it built up to her crying for an hour by the end of 2 weeks. We went backwards!

I would like to try again but patting her to sleep this time, but I am wondering if the clingyness will pass or whether it is her age and I should wait till she is a bit older?

I am using the saveoursleep techniques.......

Thanks so much

Hi Kathy,

There is not one baby that likes the routine being changed at first, what you have to keep in mind is that it can take a few weeks and at the end of it everyone is so much happier including Georgia.
Georgia has probably been going through 8month separation anxiety as well so she will be a bit clingier anyway, and she is protesting against the new routine. Don’t wait until she is older this won’t get any better it only makes it harder. Our techniques involve lots of patting, and clear repetitive messages that it’s time to sleep. Follow the steps as outlined on <a href="">Your Baby’s Sleep</a> page or get a copy of my DVD&Book - <a href="">It's time to sleep</a>

Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep


I will let you know how we go. I definately needed a bit of reasurance.
I am looking forward to looking back on all this and know I survived the two weeks of her protesting. Hopefully it won't take that long though but I am preparing for it.

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