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My almost 8 month old baby boy is going to sleep on the breast. At around 4 months he was getting quite good at going to sleep, we would wrap, and then he would just relax on our lap for a little while and then going down in his cot (sometimes asleep, sometimes awake). Things all changed when we stopped wrapping him - it was the middle of summer and getting way too hot and he was getting free anyway, but from then on it was hard to get him to sleep, even when I recognised his tired signs.

Bub is actually really good now with the amount of time he sleeps, he used to sleep through most nights, and his day sleeps now are atleast 1.5+ hrs. He only started waking during the night when his top 4 teeth came through at the one time. He is now up once or twice most nights, but it's just a quick cuddle in bed and then back to sleep in his cot. I know this is wrong, but we live in a block of units, so it's hard to let him cry it out in his cot in the middle of the night. So after trying a few different things to break the habit (all for periods of time to try and establish a routine), we're now back to going to sleep on the breast (this habit started when a member of the Breastfeeding Association told me to put him to sleep on the breast when I was trying to increase my supply).

I want to start to wean him and only keep up the morning feed but don't know where to start because he goes to sleep on the breast. I looked up the website and I was wondering if you think this DVD would help me. I've found it hard to continue with controlled comforting before because it got to the point that bub would start to cry whenever I would bring him near his cot. And because we do live in a unit block, I was only doing it for his day sleeps, so I know I was sending him mixed messages.

The other question I have is I'm now back at work 2 days a week. Bub is with DH one day (at home) but with my mum the next (at her place). I was wondering if I started the controlled comforting, if it would work the day that he is not in his own bed - if it took more than 6 days to work?

Sorry it's such a long winded question.

(A Very Confused) AJ's Mum

Mum to Aidan and #2 due Jan 08

The breast feeding is not a problem it is the falling asleep at the breast which causes sleep associations and you would be best to try to follow a feeds/play/sleep routine.
Yes the DVD would definitely be of help to you as you can visually see how to follow the settling techniques.
Let your neighbours know you are doing the settling program so they will not be alarmed about any extra crying. In a week or so everyone could be sleeping more peacefully.
So long as you get everyone cooperating and get them to watch the DVD and actually see what needs to be done you can have baby sleeping anywhere. The day after I first started the program we went away for the weekend and took a porta cota cot with us and still followed the program successfully.
Cheers Maree

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