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Maree please help me im very concern Rss

my daughter will be has turned 2 and she is still not sleeping all night, she wakes around 12.00 or 1.00am (sometime around 10-30.11.00) and comes into my room i take her back to her bed where she goes back to sleep again but wakes up again about two hours later. Sometimes she does not have her day sleep so she is really tired from playing all day or she may have gone swimming (we all know that is the key to get them tired) and she still wakes up!!!!

I know have a 7 week old boy and I have no time to go bed hopping. Does it get easier will she ever get out of this habit or I’m I doomed????? if she does get out of this habit at around what age will this stop if it does?

by the way when she wakes now I just leave her to sleep with us as i could not be bothered putting her back to sleep it may take me 30 min to one hour, but when she comes to our bed she goes to sleep within minutes

Thank you
She will continue to do this as long as you let her as she thinks it’s ok.

You need to let her know it’s not ok with you and persist with putting her back to bed.

She is also probably quite jealous and seeking attention.
Try taking her out shopping just the 2 of you and buy her something she really likes and let her know she can have it if she stays in bed and if she gets up you will take it away.

Bribery can work miracles
Best of luck cheers Maree

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