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Hi, I have a 20month boy and he is a very good little boy but he likes to wake during the night and have a bottle. I'm currently 13wks pregnant and would like to stop the night feeds with my little boy as soon as possible as I am soooooo tired by the morning and I work full-time.

My husband tries to help but he also works full-time and has to drive a long way to work so I don't want him falling asleep at the wheel.

Kim, NSW

He uses this bottle as his sleep association to return to sleep.

You need to make the decision to change the routine and stick with it.

Stopping the bottle is the only way you can make the change and unfortunately this will no be without protest. Try using our settling techniques for 6 to 12month old babies to resettle him.

Do make sure also that he does not go to sleep with a bottle initially.

You can get an overview of our settling program from the <a href=" Baby’s Sleep</a> section of the Huggies site or for more detail, and a visual demonstration, from <a href="It&#39;s time to sleep&lt;/a" />It's Time To Sleep</a> DVD&BOOK.

Best of luck

Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

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