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How many feeds during the night? Lock Rss

HI Marie

My daughter is 6 months and still wakes about 4 or 5 times during the night. I usually give her 2(sometimes 3) bottles during the night. Is this overfeeding her for her age? She hardly drinks at all during the day, usually having 4 bottles of 100mls each.She will not take any more at feed time, so i am thinking maybe she does need all these feeds at night??
Otherwise i am not sure why she is waking so often!
Hi ,

I would say that the reason your daughter is not feeding so much during the day is because she is full from so many night feeds. Try our rollover feed and the settling techniques for 6 to 12months on <a href="">Your Baby’s Sleep</a> page. The frequent waking for a bottle has become a sleep association also, so by teaching her to sleep independently you can begin to get her sleeping through the night and feeding through the day.

Good luck, cheers Maree

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