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I took my baby to the child health for her 6 month needle and mentioned to the nurse that she was having 6 sleeps each day of 10 minutes each. It wasn't a problem for me, it was in response to the question she asked about if my baby slept well. To me she did, having the total of an hour each day then sleeping from 7pm to 8am without waking up once for a feed. The nurse told me that it was not healthy for her to be having such short sleeps, and that a visit to the sleep clinic which is attached to the child health building would be helpful, the nurses there could show me different ways of settling so she would sleep for 1 hour instead of a series of sleeps, which would be better for her growth and development. The did control crying for the 4 hours we were there (which was 2 hours less than we were supposed to). I do not agree with control crying and told the nurses that then took my baby out. Since then she has gone on to have only 3 sleeps a day of 10 minutes each, and she wakes up 5-6 times a night. How do i reverse the effect of the control crying? I spoke to a doctor following this, who said that control crying in his professional opinion, is a form of neglect. That doesn't help me reverse the problem though, so i get my baby back that i had before i did this dreadful thing to her.

mother to Hannah born August 9 2003

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