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Babies big sleep is at the wrong time.. Rss

My baby is almost 8 weeks old and although we are getting a longer sleep from him now its at the wrong time.. he usually has a feed at about 6.30 and then i bath him after his bath he has a little play (and cuddle with dad) and then goes down for a sleep around 8pm, he then (not always) will sleep til around 1.30am, thats almost 7hrs without a feed! he will then wake up at around 4.30am then he seems to get restless from about 6am onwards with wind pains and i cant settle him again until about 9.30am. my question is how can i get him to wake around 10.30pm have a feed and have his big sleep from then? also should i be winding him through the night to avoid the pains in the morning, I have tried but he just nods off back to sleep without bringing anything up. Im not sure of the best method to change this routine without upsetting him.

Stacey, WA

Unfortunately at 8 weeks you might well expect to be feeding twice overnight and an 8pm bedtime is a reasonable hour. You could try to resettling him using our settling techniques at 4.30pm to get another hour or so out of him, but I would be feeding again by about 5.30 - 6am.

Do wind him after each feed. Make sure you settle him awake into his cot each time so he learns to sleep independently.

Cheers Maree

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