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6 month old - nightfeeds and waking Rss

I have a 6 1/2 month old who has always woken up at least once a night. She has been sick with cold 3 times this year and this sets her back - wakes up maybe twice and re-settling has been difficult (I've given it 15 minutes sh/pat method). I have a toddler whose sleep is disrupted and when my baby wakes she is very loud and high pitched if I try to resettle. She resettles awake easily after a feed.

During the day we follow the feed, play, sleep routine and she sleeps 2 x 2 hourly sleeps plus maybe a catnap if she's gotten up early somewhere. Her last feed is around 7.00pm and is settled to sleep awake at around 7.30pm usually with no effort. At the moment she will wake for another feed somewhere between 4-5 hours later and possibly another feed between 4-5am, waking for the day sometime between 8-9am.

She started on solids 2 weeks ago (morning & evening) and will probably be on 3 solids by 7 months).

I feel that I am unable to resettle at night without a feed. I plan to continue feeding until Easter break when she will be 7 1/2 months and I will send my son and husband away. I was wondering what method to try for re-settling at this time - sh/pat method or controlled comforting method? What do I do?
From 6 months on a baby should be able to sleep through from 7pm to 7am without an overnight feed.
It sounds like you have a fairly good idea about how the routine and techniques work.

I would use the controlled comforting techniques for 6 to 12months.

Use them for resettling and any time she is not self settling easily.

You can get an overview of our settling program from the <a href=" Baby’s Sleep</a> section of the Huggies site or for more detail, and a visual demonstration, from <a href="It&#39;s time to sleep&lt;/a" />It's Time To Sleep</a> DVD&BOOK.

If you need and support along the way just ask
Best of luck.

Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

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