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when to buy a BIG bed? Lock Rss

i have a 20mth old and a 7mth old. both girls. the 20mth old can sleep on her own at the night and takes a dummy only to sleep. she knows shes not alowed to have it during the day. but the thing with her is that she moves alot in her sleep if u tuck her in at night by the morning i find her lying on her pillow or upside down or sideways on the bed.
now i want to move my 7 mth old to the cot cause she is now in a Bassinette/Cradle but a prety big one. i dont wana buy her another cot like her sisters so i would like to use the same one. just wondering if i should move my 20mth old to a big bed?
and if there gona be sleeping in the same room how would i go about trying to let then sleep at the same time cause now my 7mth old still wont sleep on her own and i have trying almost everything. so any tips on putting her to sleep by herself will be great. and she still likes to be wraped up

Salwa, 2 girls, sydney


Yes your 7 month old needs to be in a cot with high sides, so I would suggest you transfer her now.

Your 20 month old could go into a bed now; there are plenty of options these days of beds with sides that can be removed later when she is older.

As far as your 7month old not sleeping, try our settling techniques on <a href="">Your Baby’s Sleep</a> page.

Cheers Maree

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