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I have a 4 mtnh old - she sleeps well during the day (2 hrs at a time) but is not sleeping well at night. About a month ago (at 3 mnths) we had a week where she was sleeping 6-7 hours straight - for the last month she has been waking every 2.5 -3.5 hours. I try to resettle her with shh pat method and dummy but end up having to feed her each time...I really don't think she is hungry as she only stays on the boob for about 5mins and then falls asleep. Help, what can I do???
At 4 months baby will still probably require one overnight feed but for the other wakings try to persist with the settling techniques as these will be out of habit. By giving in and feeding you are reinforcing the settling on the breast.

Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

i have the exact same problem my baby boy used to sleep 6-7hours straight and now for the last 3weeks hes only sleeping 2-3 hours and getting up and at the boob for a couple of minutes then falling asleep again and during the day only sleeping about 1-2 hours what can i do???????

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