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18 mths old suddenly refusing to sleep in her bed Lock Rss


my daughter is 18 mth old and she was going to bed every night without any fuss every night. She kissed goodnight to mum and dad and then walked to her cot in her room.
About a week ago she refused to settle in her own bed throwing tantrums and worked herself up to the point that she almost vomited.
I tried to put her back and settle her back but no luck.
Because I work shift work and start 5am I need some sleep so at the moment she sleeps with us in our bed.
Hope this is only temporary cause me and my hubby don't have much sleep as she wriggles all night.
If you could give me any advise why is this happening. We have not change anything in her routine. And how can i teach her to sleep in her bed again.


Just when we think that we have everything sorted the little monkeys throw a spanner in the works and change their behaviour or routine. Try to think through if anything else has changed in her day and work on that.

I would persist with getting her back to bed otherwise you will have a worse situation when you try to get her out of your bed.

The program is available here on the Huggies site for you to use.

Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

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