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my son is 22 months old he just falls asleep and then he stops breathing then he startles him self and wakes up screaming only way i can settle him is in bede with me hes had tonsills,adnoids,and gromets done but he also suffers asthma and lactose intolerance good combination i know but just wondering if you have any ideas i have tried the controll crying but have four other chilren which two of them have adhd and dont sleep well either their agesare 8 and 6
he was in a bed for a while and was sleeping fine after the operation but now the only way he will settle now is in the cot but still wakes up screaming any ideas as he wont sleep during the day and he doesnt go to sleep most nights til the am hours unless hes held but as soon as you put him down he starts screaming again at my witts end please help


(sony) mother and stepmother to five children


I really feel that you need to seek the advice of your doctor before you begin any settling program.

You say you have tried controlled crying, that doesn’t mean that our controlled comforting program won’t work, but before commencing you should take a print out of our techniques from <a href="">Your Baby’s Sleep</a>
page and ask your doctor what he thinks.

Cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

I think maybe you should try an elimantion diet because it could also be other things that he is intollerent to cause i have a son who has server asthma and had apnea when awake and stuff and they put him on elimating diet and he hasnt had asthma that bad since other then when exercising and my son use to wake up blue of a night screaming and to settle him had to lay with him but he is pretty much all good now and he is almost 3 and it is only been like this for 6mths
you should see what you can do i am supprised they took him tonsills out cause they said the earliest they could do it was when they were 2 and they said there is no chance having it done before then.
but keep in touch and let me know what happens.
where you from
hi there,
i live in vic,but i have just moved here from s.a now about the tonsils he had tonsills and adnoids and grommets done febuary this year he had these done as he was in and out of hospital with his apnia and having asthma he had difficulties brething as he had recurrent tonsillitis he was that bad he was cancelled several time for his op as the needed him to go to intensive care well when he finally got the op he did go to icu as he had to be on oxygen for the 24 hours after his op as his sats were down to 90 and they are ment to be around 98 and higher.since the op no infections which is great

better go and talk to you soon i hope
thanks seonee

(sony) mother and stepmother to five children

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