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could it be metal toxicity causing 2nd son not 2 sleep ? Lock Rss

I have 2 boys 1 turning 7 in december who is ASD and one almost 2 in october who is normal (not ASD)
The youngest boy as a newborn was perfect ! He would have a little sleep during the day and then sleep from 10pm to around 9am everyday no problems only when teething right up til he got sick last year just after the dreaded vacc. he ended up at West. Kids hospital with Meningitis !
There were about 4 other kids in the same time his age with the same and also just after being vacc.. It made me a bit suss but I was alright til we got home and noticed other things had changed also including his behaviour and sleep pattern in particular !
He usually sleeps around 2am on a good night , 1am on a fantastic night but most nights or mornings I should call them is around 3am and sometimes 4am !
Then ofcourse he does not stir even if u tickle him until until around 10am 11 noon and so on .

The reason I ask if it could possibly be due to heavy metals in his system is 1 they are some of the ingredients of vacc's and also sleep problems , and behaviour problems are some of the symptoms of vacc overload or metal toxicity.
see here....

I am no expert ( duh lol) but am at a loss as to why this is happening and have tried and ruled out nearly everything mentioned so far evena diet free of pres wheat dairy etc etc with same results .This is all I can think may be the cause but maybe just maybe there is something you can think of that I can't ??

Other than sleep he is a very happy loveable baby that walks , plays and is trying to talk properly pretty much normally
so please help
Hi Georgie,

Often after a serious illness, and being hospitalised, babies and toddlers can become very out of routine.
Talk to you doctor about your son’s condition and if he is agreeable, implement some settling techniques and try to establish a new sleep routine. It seems that he is getting around 9 hours sleep but just not at the right time of night. If you are in Melbourne I could put you in contact with Rhonda Abrahams for a settling session.

Good luck, cheers Maree

It's Time to Sleep

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