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my son is 9months now. wen he started rolling around his cot at about 6months or so...i went in one morning to find his feet stiking out the top of his blanket instead of his head !! he was fine as it was a light blanket thank goodness. but since then haven't used blankets.
now winter is coming ! and i have no idea what to put him in, i have tried re introducing a blanket to him, even putting it on him once he is asleep, or lettn him see the blanket n puttin it on him wen i put him down for a nap.....he throws it out of his cot !
i was thinkn of those really warm jumpsuits u can sleepingbags......these ones have legs so i thought that would be a good idea ? i don't like the sleepin bag style ones that have no seperate 'legs' as i worry wen he stands up in the morning or during the nights he is gunna trip over, bang his head on the cot or knok a tooth out etc. any advice ?

Danni, WA,

I don’t like sleeping bags either at this age, try the warmer outfit. you can get some great all in one sleep suits now.
Cheers Maree

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