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Mum not ready to drop day sleep Lock Rss

My 23 month old son has suddenly stopped sleeping during his day sleep. I thought the time he slept would gradually reduce as he got older but instead he's gone from sleeping for up to 2 hours to suddenly not sleeping at all. He is usually still happy to stay in his cot and play so I still get a break but he gets so cranky in the evening that I'm sure he still needs that day sleep. I'm not sure how to get him to sleep rather than play - I'd love some ideas as I'm not ready to have him up with me all day!!

Andrea, NSW, 12 mth boy

Hi Andrea,
He may be ready to drop the sleep but there is still going to be a transition period so watch for tired signs some days he will want the sleep others not. On those days best to give an early dinner so he doesn’t fall asleep in his plate.
If you really believe he is tired but fighting it you can ‘butt in’ on his play and use some settling techniques but don’t make a battle out of it I would say best to let him have some quiet cot time or even a low key video in a darkened lounge room
Cheers Maree

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