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Right from the beginning my daughter was a bad sleeper. She was lactose intolerant and it took a while to find the right formulae for her etc and eventualy she settled into a great routine, awake for 2 asleep for 2 and sleeping through the night. Then she got Rotavirus and ended up in hospital for 2 weeks which sent everything haywire. We again went through controlled crying and sorted the routine out only for this to happen again about 4 months ago. Back we went to the lactose free formulae and limited solids. Now that she is 1, she is going to bed at 7 at night and I cant make it any later because she is totally ready for bed at 7 and she is asleep at 705 clutching her security bottle. She then wakes at 4 for a bottle which is driving me insane because in 8 weeks I am having another baby. She will drink the bottle roll over and sleep till 730 then we all get up and have breaky but she is screaming to go back to bed at 9 with a bottle and sleeps till 1030 then again at 2 she is screaming to go back to bed with a bottle and sleeps till 4. How do I stop the 4am wake up call??
Hi Emily’s Mum,

You say she is clutching her security bottle, make sure that she is not going to sleep with this bottle, let her have the feed but be sure to remove the bottle before sleep, otherwise she will use this as her sleep association. If you need to, do some controlled comforting techniques. You can find these in our section called <a href="">Your Baby’s Sleep</a>.

If you are happy that Emily is getting enough to eat during the day then you could just offer water at 4 am and then commence some controlled comforting techniques, after a few nights don’t offer the water just go straight into the settling.

Good luck, cheers Maree

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