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New Born - Good Day Sleeper / Poor Night Sleeper!!! Rss

I am wondering if you can shed some light on this subject for me. I have a 14 day old son who is a great day sleeper... I am finding I have to wake him for feeds, but at night once we have all gone to bed and the house is quiet my little man wakes close to every hour crying or fussing. I t leaves me feeling very tired in the morning and with a toddler to get up for I am wondering what I can do to help the situation?

All advice and ideas appreciated.


Michelle smile
Hi Michelle,

Congratulations on the new arrival!

It’s never too early to start creating a routine and use some settling techniques. I would advise not to let him fall asleep whilst feeding, but instead settle awake into the cot. If it’s only been one hour since a feed, resettle using some of the settling techniques on <a href="">Your Baby’s Sleep</a> page. If you teach good sleeping habits right from newborn it will save you so much stress later.

Best of luck, Maree

It's Time to Sleep

Thanks Maree,

I have found that my little man has settled down over the past few days and is sleeping much better both day and night. He is waking roughly every 3 - 4 hours which is much more bearable. My little man falls asleep at every feed regardless of what I do... nappy change, undress ect. I'm not really worried at this stage but will make sure as he gets a bit older that I don't let this become a habit.

Thankyou again,

Michelle smile
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