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Getting bub to sleep on his back. Lock Rss

I am having trouble getting my 8 month old son to sleep on his back. He slept on his back until he was around six months old, and i was told by a proffessional with my first child that its ok because they can lift their own head. But my concern is that my son seems to have breathing problems and sleeping on his stomach isnt helping. I can hear him brathing from the other end of the house. I'm very worried about sids. If i try to lay him on his back, he flinches and will not sleep. is there any thing i can do? I'm very concerned.

Kylie, Qld

Firstly, Talk to your doctor about his breathing and ensure that there are no underlying health concerns.

Once he has self settled, try to leave it for about 20mins before turning him on his back.

All babies can move around at this age and so long as you make up the cot correctly according to SIDS guidelines then this will help with the safety aspect.

If you have any concerns about SIDS you could contact them directly and follow their advice.

Cheers Maree

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