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Difficulty getting to sleep during day Lock Rss

Hi Marie,

I've had problems with my 7.5 month old getting to sleep during the day then sleeping longer than 35mins virtually since he was born. Then around 5 months everything seemed to get easier. Now I'm having different settling problems during the day (no worries at night) I put him down to sleep (he does have a dummy for day sleeps) and he just babbles to himself for ages up to 1 1/2 hrs before going to sleep. He rarely cries only if he can't find his dummy. I've tried going in every 10mins to encourage him to sleep (without actually putting him to sleep) this has been happening for about 2 weeks now with no improvement. He was getting wrapped when this started so I've stopped wrapping but it's made no difference. Also his sleeps have gone back to only 3o mins. Sometimes only 20-25. If I start resettling it takes forever again. Should I try getting rid of the dummy? If so how. He has 2 sleeps a day the 2nd is usally the hardest the morning usally takes about 30 mins.

Any advice greatly appreciated.

Michelle, Vic, 3yo boy & 3mth Girl

Hi Michelle,

Firstly you’re going to need to watch for his tired signs before trying to settle, if he is just playing for an hour and a half I would say that he probably isn’t tired when you put him down .Babies routines change and what was nap time last month, doesn’t mean it will be the same next month. So, watch for the grizzling, not happy with whatever is going, yawning, rubbing eyes, then put him into the cot and start some settling techniques as shown on <a href="">Your Baby’s Sleep</a> page. The techniques are repetitious and teach that we’re here to sleep, not to play , so don’t let him just gurgle away when you know he’s tired., implement the techniques and use them to resettle if he wakes after 30 mins. Anything under 1 hour is a catnap, try resettling for 20 minutes and if no luck don’t make a battle out of it, get him up and try again next sleep.

Good luck, Maree

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