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Settling 18 month old baby Lock Rss

Hi, my son is 18 months old and was always a dream sleeper. He would go down at 6.30 pm and say nini and take his bottle, wave to me and I would close his door and turn off the light and I wouldn't hear from him until 6.00 am the next morning. We went to NZ for a holiday and now since we have been back (except for the first two nights we were home) he will not go down in his cot without crying for about 40 mins and absolutely refuses to take a bottle. We are now putting him down around 8.00 pm as he just cries continually until we go in there. We are both beside ourselves as this is not like him. He goes to full time daycare and I have asked them if anything has happened to him since his return and they said no. Also yesterday day care told me that he bit himself (which is not like him at all, he has never bitten anyone or even tried). Not sure if this is a phase he is going through - any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
Hi Leanne,

Sometimes when the routine is disrupted it takes a little while to get back to it.

When you put him down, try our settling techniques for 6 – 12 months on our <a href="">Your Baby’s Sleep</a> page, the repetition of the techniques should get him back to his old way soon, as he already knows how to sleep independently.

Good luck, Cheers Maree

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